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Sunder New Dimensions wants YOU!

Newbie, oldbie, miner, mission runner, industrialist, young or old, short or tall, we're looking for you all! No SP amount is too low or too high. SND is seeking pilots who like to play the game in any of its aspects. We provide training and camaraderie in a casual laid back corp with a focus on fun. Every new member is automatically entered in a monthly drawing for prizes or isk.

What we offer:


Laid back atmosphere


Chance to grow as the corp sets its sights on moving from high/lowsec into zerospace.

What we plan to offer once our corp grows:



Lotteries, pvp contests and other events for isk.

Opportunities for advancement within the corp hierarchy.

A program to help new players get into their first battleship.

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Visit our form and set your destination for Aghesi and apply at our office today!

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