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PvP goodness.


I turned my PvP flag on tonight.  I had no idea it gave an open sea speed buff and makes you immune to NPC agro, I really like that.

You can't get wet if you do't get in the water.  Is that how the saying goes?  So I gave it a plunge and said what the hey, let's turn on the flag and see what happens.  I figured I was already at a British port, maybe I won't have to go far, and I was right.  I'm only lvl 18 and I've been afraid that I might be to low. 

A lvl 27 comes after me.  Pretty scarey; I wasn't sure if I fight or run.  I figured what the hell, one durability point isn't that big a deal, I'll be in a new boat in a couple lvls anyways; so I gave him a go.

I will not hesitate to engage someone several levels above me.  I didn't win, but it was so close that I regretted the few seconds I hesitated in the beginning trying to decide if I should fight or run.  Playing to cautious lost me the fight.

This is fun PvP.

I am loving this game.

Wish Darkfall would release.


  • FuggoFuggo Member Posts: 121


    [Earthrise ss in my profile][Coming out Q2 2010]

  • BigCountryBigCountry Member Posts: 478

    Yup definitely have to look both ways before crossing a one way street in this game..


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