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Dark Avenger discussion

hotpiehotpie Member Posts: 191

hey guys im new at lineage 2 and i'm playing the south east asia server...

my character is dark avenger can you help me on some tips, guides, levelling spots.. ^^

char: Dark Avenger

level: 52

equip: most are brig set.. now im planning to change to compo set...

weapon: war axe


  • SorrowhoSorrowho Member Posts: 581

    i dont know if you can hunt in Masscres Field's on Wrecthed Archer, Doom Scout's and some flooting mob there to, sry bad at names :).

    but you can do the Coin of Magic quest on em + Seductive Whisper's where Spirt Bead's drop's a lot, and Stoloen Dignity once you get 58...

    if you can hunt there know then wait until your lvl 56 or get out your Panther, and you can stay there to lvl 61, don't know where to go after as a Dark Avenger but gl

  • hotpiehotpie Member Posts: 191


    ill try to the place you suggested.. by the way im 53 now ^^

    im sticking on war thorn plains and the silenos monster.. ^^

    need adena for my armors...

  • SorrowhoSorrowho Member Posts: 581

    the Seductive Whisper's quest is really nice i think i made about 10 to 15m on it so far, it's pretty much all about luck tho. So if you need adena's and can handle thoes mob's i suggestet at a okay rate i think you should go there, btw the flying mob is called Grave Lich hehe

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