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i dunno bout this game

OlsonatorOlsonator Member Posts: 61

I have played this game for many years but I think this game is... yes you guessed it... dieing it is sad to admit it had a good run but unfortuneatly the game has been over whelmed by hacked accounts and spammmers that can Disconnect you when ever they please just by typing a bunch of W's. not to mention Hackers that use speed hacks and what not I do feel sorrow for this game it was once good but now is a haven for hackers and spammers. I stopped training here is is now jsut a mere social area for me. Why I type this you ask. I say all this as a warning a tread lightly if you wish. or as some call it enter if you dare. I am only trying to help others by sparing them the waste ot time that they would endure by entering this game to find that it is ran by hackers and spammers. I shall now grant a moment of silence for this game..........




  • GuillotinesGuillotines Member Posts: 4

    You forgot the part with the crappy private servers that fail every time. :P


  • VelontiVelonti Member Posts: 3

    The private servers totally messed up Endless. It's not even fun to get on anymore, not that it was all that great to start with. Prices have rose because of major inflation due to inflation. Now you have to get extremely lucky to even get a decent piece of armor or weapon to use.

  • NicooNicoo Member UncommonPosts: 236

    This was the best game I've ever played back in like 2003 (Since first months of release) or something, was so awesome.  Really awesome community and really awesome everything, I had soooo much fun playing this. But then it went crap cause of it got so crowded and you had to stand in a spot for 1 hours just to get one mob etc. So I quit in like 2005 or something. But I have to say its turned to total crap over the years. Tried it from now and then but its just overrun by 12 year old kids and retarded fucking cunts..

    Makes me sad.. But I have never ever loved a game this much.


    Edit: Not to mention it got very laggy and there was queues for hours sometimes.. Or well not queues you had to click for 2 hours before you could get in etc. New content was added and it was exiting etc, but in the end it sucked. And as people said.. The cunt hackers got to the game and it got even more boring.


  • nlnforevernlnforever Member Posts: 38

    This game cannot get new players, because most mmo players now are used to beautiful splendid 3D graphic, or even 2D graphic should be very beautiful.

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  • SolarbearSolarbear Member Posts: 26

    People do go on endless.. They just do it cuz they miss the game and so many memories come with it. like that hated admin.., whats his name? arvid?? he jailed all the people cuz of a luring event. he lured people to a place and jailed em.. funny ya but err... I dunno.. a bit fucked up

    And admins have there own life.. i mean.. If you had a MMORPG as big as WoW.. I reckon that would be their life... cuz Blizzard fucking make 1 bil or something i dunno..

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