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regarding PK

About PK

i was PKED like 10 times from the same player.

the player was like lvl 40 and me 12 its normal that lvl 40 kills me 10 times over over and over,

what did i lose?  well i lose all my equipment and all the items that i have in my inventory to whom to a elf and i was also elf.

what happend to the lvl 40 player he was red WOWWOWOWOW

look at this i get killed and lose all my items that i had

and the killer what did he get? all my items and he was RED

can u believe this. All what the killers gets is been red for couple of hours and what do i get getting killed and lose all my items.

i think something should be changed

for example when u get killed by ur own nation u dont drop anything?

that would be good idea


  • lookformelookforme Member Posts: 2

    you will drop if you are killed by anyone who use "Homicidal Flayorant''. and if someone in the same union wants to kill you, he or she has to use "Homicidal Flayorant"

    the killer deserves to have a red name, that's a warning, lol

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