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New to this type of games.

BinkoBinko Member Posts: 267

What makes it fun?

Population high or low?

Age on people that play (it look a little different ^^) ?

What do you do?

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  • PeckyDOOMPeckyDOOM Member Posts: 16

    what makes it fun? well, it depends on what you find fun? some people would say lvl grinding is boring and very repetive. Some would say that the social evironment is what keeps them playing and keeps thing competive with our really being a competion. I personally like the social part because you can make friends and see who gets to a higher lvl faster, that gives reason to the constant and never ending lvl grinding.

    Population? the population is rather crowded only because there are 2 servers and only 3 channels between the 2 so it can get crowded and laggy durring peak hours.

    Age of people that play? The ages range. i think that most people that play are between age 13-16. I am 19 and i've met people that are in their 30's playing this game so its very diverse in age.

    An MMORPG means Massive Muli-player Online Role Playing Game. which means you play a role that you choose (there are 4 differnt classes each with a male/female version) and do quest, train, sell, and socialize with the other players in the game. Its a Massive Multi-player online because you play online with a mass amount of people like in a multiplayer game but..on a "massive level"


  • SwiftpainSwiftpain Member Posts: 35

    What makes it fun? I don't know... I enjoy spirit based mmos a lot.. maybe cause you can see your items drop.

    Population high or low? Its decently high

    Age on people that play (it look a little different ^^) ? lol I would say younger.. most free mmos are that way.

    What do you do?

    I stab stuff.

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