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Similar to FFXI?

Ge0h0undGe0h0und Member Posts: 35


I've been playing FFXI on and off for about 4 years, and during the time I took breaks I tried playing others such as Ragnarok Online, Perfect World, Rappelz, and a few others that seem to slip my mind at the moment. Nothing has really come close to being entertaining as FFXI. I am on another break(or perhaps quitting the game) due to the fact that I do not enjoy the end game scene(I am not fond of elitists), and with the recent account "hackings" that have occurred with SE seeming to provide sub par customer service to help these people. At this point I don't really feel they like supporting such a company that will do so little to help their customers.

What I am looking for in my next game is hopefully something similar to FFXI. I like the fact that you're able to use your character to play multiple jobs, and how even though it is a 5 year old game the graphics still seem impressive(on PC that is). I think the graphics on the game actually spoiled me since I love it so much. The environment in the game is just fantastic, and the character models just look really nice compared to most of the other games i've seen or played. FFXI would have really had so much more potential if it wasn't limited by the PS2. The lack of customization is a huge negative to me since I really don't like seeing everyone and their mother playing the same character model as I do.

So I pretty much want a game thats close to what FFXI is. I would like to find a game that has the following(although i doubt I will):

1. Character customization of Perfect World(this might be hard since I don't think I've seen any other game with such detail).

2. Graphics, Job system(doesn't necessarily need a subjob type system), and gameplay similar to FFXI.

3. Job system that doesn't bind you character based on your race like Perfect world or WoW.

Thats all I can really think of at this point. Thanks for your time~

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