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asian grindfest

silentbladesilentblade Member Posts: 11

LAWL im probably the only one whose actually searching for these kind of games but anyways

Flying( as in the martial arts movie where these ppl glide around, not the flying o sword thingy)

this feature must be available at a low level

asian rpgs i played: twelve sky, 9 dragons, martial heroes, scion of fate ,domo, mo siang, wokf, xiah. hero, perfect world


hope u ahve some ideas....some of these fit my criteria but.... it requirement is wayyy to high ex: hero......lvl 80 to fly...............................................

p.S i was thinking about trying KAL online, is it worth it and does it fit my criteria?

pls and ty


  • murphys123murphys123 Member Posts: 216

    I am I just getting old, or is anyone else embarrased for people who say Lawl?

  • KordeshKordesh Member Posts: 1,715

    I'm assuming you've already ruled Flyff out? In addition, not sure if flying is available in Zu online. I think it is. I know the waypoint travel is flying and is available from the start, I just don't know if free form flying is available in Zu.

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