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Looking for some good MMOs

UberDinosaurUberDinosaur Member Posts: 16

Yeah, so I've been playing a Private Server of Ragnarok Online for about a month or two, and I've gotten totally sucked in, but lately, the fun has just died for me.

PvP was great, but only with high lvl characters, MvPing was fun, till you got tired of killing the same MvPs over and over again, and card hunting was fun till you got tired of killing a Garm over and over again for the card.

I was wondering if anyone knew some good, FREE, MMOs that I might like.

the MMOs I've played in the past, and loved were:


Ragnarok Online


Guild Wars

World of Warcraft

Pirate King Online (AkA Tales of Pirates)

So any suggestions would be great~!

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