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New Game

Shack67Shack67 Member Posts: 16

Hello everyone... I'm looking for a new game.  I've played FFXI for around 2 years and WoW for about a year and some others here and there.  I bought LOTRO but didn't get much higher than level 12 iirc.

Storyline: FFXI was awesome  because it had cutscenes and my leveling up was justified so I could see the next chapter in the story.  I didn't like WoW because the story was so hard to follow and I just didn't care.  LOTRO seemed like it would fill this void I just didn't give it much of a chance.

Graphics are not terribly important, but I don't want a boring game, and some variety and cool armor would be nice to get.  I have a pretty decent rig so I can play most games out there.

PVP is ok.  I like to do it now and again, but I never really liked getting "ganked" in WoW when I was busy trying to level, but I did like raiding towns and doing BGs when I wanted too.

Endgame:  I'm not a fan of endless gear grinds like WoW, but I enjoyed FFXI because it was different.  There were several different types of "raids" and gear from all areas has its uses.  I would often carry 3 or 4 sets of gear with me for different things I wanted to do. (Yeah, I was a RDM, ouch)

Class Variety:  FFXI has 20 jobs (cool) WoW has 6 (not so cool, but Skilltree is a plus)  I want my character to be different and suitable to my playstyle.

Time:  I can play a few hours a day but I don't really want to all the time.  FFXI drained me so much, but I still find it fun to play at times but get discouraged because I know it will take me months to get back up to where I was.  WoW is nice, but the game has so many faults. 

Groups:  I liked the forced grouping in FFXI and didn't like it at the same time.  The teamwork was awesome with Skillchains and Magic Bursts and I felt important in Boss fights unlike in WoW where I just concentrated in doing the most DPS possible (always watching meters)

Overall, I just want a fun game to play until probably Warhammer comes out.  I am thinking about going back to LOTRO and really giving it a few months of play time, but idk, all the classes feel a little boring to play to me. 

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