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Asus C90 - Good idea for a gaming laptop?

RowanberryRowanberry Member Posts: 3

Hey everyone. Just wanted to find out if anyone has taken a look at this new-ish laptop. It doesn't seem to have really caught on yet, but the principle was interesting enough to catch my eye: a gaming laptop that can be configured with desktop components and can be upgraded (to a certain degree).

I'm a bit of a hardware noob and have never built my own, but am planning on getting a new system later this year as my poor little Dell Latitude only just manages GW, and I want to be able to play Aion and GW2 when they come out.  I really prefer having some portability... not toting around everywhere but being able to move around the house or take my comp over to a friend's house, and the C90 (on paper at least) seems like it might be a good option. The only thing I'm not too happy about is it only supports Intel processors, but I could live with that. I also wonder if it would actually be able to run without overheating.

So, any thoughts? Ideas for configurations that would run pretty well?



  • oakaeoakae Member UncommonPosts: 344

    It should be good enough for GW2 and Aion. Everything about it is pretty good but the 8800 is now out for laptops and they completely dominate the 8600 on that laptop.

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