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LFGame for POS Computer

norman728norman728 Member UncommonPosts: 146

Hi There,


I am looking for a mmorpg for my POS system. Until I get a new system.


My system can run AO and FFXI with no problem. But My Secondary drive with I used for my Heavy programs is currently down and now it's cheaper to buy a basic level system(which  will be better than mine is now) than fix it back up.


My  main requirements are HD space as I am on a Limited drive less than 2 Gigs HD is preferable.

I have played all the Gpotato games(Flyff, SCO, Corum) goonzu, shadowbane, Guildwars, Archlord,and so many others I forget.   I can go back to my list but i am hearing many bad things about all of them.  I just want a suggestion on either  a new one or go back to old one.




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