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[PVP Recruitment] Wraiths Reborn (Privateer Alliance)

utrrutrr Member Posts: 5

Wraiths Reborn is looking to increase our numbers with players that are interested in Empire Wars. Tired of POS warfare? Blobs got you down? Then join us and fight the large alliances in Empire without the fear of Concord coming after you or taking that sec hit that traps you in a .4 or lower system. New or old we're willing to give you a chance. Come have some fun and join Wraiths Reborn.

1. A group of mature gamers that enjoy Eve.

2. We're casual gamers so no requirements on the amount of time you play.

3. US time zone players, with a few Euros

4. We use TS for voice communication.

5. Part of the Privateer Alliance, 4-6 Empire wars a week.

6. You can do whatever you want.

7. Overall we just hangout and shoot folks. Pretty simple stuff.

Just respond to this post or send IRONUTRR an ingame eve-mail if you're interested.


  • utrrutrr Member Posts: 5

    Wraiths Reborns has reopened recruitment.

  • TridianTridian Member UncommonPosts: 273

    me and a bud are looking to get back into eve. i just re activated my accnt today. We are interested in joining. my in game name is Trid Aveon.

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