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Yeah. I play WoW. And I like it too.. So what?



  • JackDonkeyJackDonkey Member Posts: 383

    I am 4 boxing and it was a traumatic experience walking out of target with 2 boxes of warcraft (already had 2 accounts).  No one probably noticed except the cashier but back in my shoplifting phase it took me less time to take something off the shelf then it did for me to pick up 2 boxes of wow.  I stopped and looked at the boxes and walked by like 3 or 4 times until no one was around me in the isle, then I handled the games face to face to minimize the chance someone might see i'm holding 2 boxes for warcraft, then it was straight to the register and even turning just right so that I put myself between the boxes and persons behind me in line so they may not see I was holding not one but 2 boxes of warcraft.  It was way easier to walk out of target with an xbox steering wheel but that was still slightly traumatic as well.

    So yeah I play wow... please don't tell anyone.

    Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
    if I were to kill a titan tomorrow and no CCP employees showed up to say grats I would petition it.
    Waiting for: the next MMO that lets me make this macro
    if hp < 30 then CastSpell("heal") SpellTargetUnit("player") else CastSpell("smite") end

  • AbIeLAbIeL Member UncommonPosts: 152

    Here is another Wow post again. will never end

  • RuthgarRuthgar Member Posts: 730

    I play WoW and I like it.

    It isn't  the best MMO I've ever played. I find it boring and I can't stand raiding an instance more than a half dozen times. I've canceled my account about 4 times and will probably cancel it again soon.

    Why do I keep coming back? Because some of my friends play. I was lucky to get them to leave for LOTRO, but that didn't last more than three months. I think WoW is so popular these days, if you don't play you are seen as weird.


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