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Runescape Poll: Please Vote.

Now, everyone I am very interested in this topic and I want to see the results, so please tell the truth. I know a lot of people want to lie about this. Because everywhere I go I see people bad mouthing it, when everyone knows they all played it at once but regret it. I compare runescape it weed, being weed it the start off drug to others, I think runescape is the start of MMO to others. For me it was. So, please, once again, answer truthfully.

Kingdom Hearts ---- Best Single Player Game Ever Made.
Here are the MMO games I have played/tried:
Runescape, Silkroad, Xiah, Hero, Rakion, Diablo 2, Gunz, WoW, Maple Story, Dungeon Runners, Flyff, 9Dragons, Astonia III, Last Chaos, GW:Nightfall, Hellgate London, Knight Online, Perfect World, Thang, and sadly Puzzle Pirates.

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