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i quit rs

rayn26rayn26 Member Posts: 5

giving away things no need for emails!!!!! things: guthix skirt, rune pl8, rune scimmy, rune wc axe, and alot more things!

i quit rs thats right runescape stinks!!!


  • mike480mike480 Member Posts: 75

    You can at least complain about the game instead of blindly screaming in anger, although im pretty mad at the game as well. 

    P.S. You can't give anything away anymore due to the update

  • rayn26rayn26 Member Posts: 5

    don't worry bout that i have my ways even though i like bunny's and yes it invovles the duel areana

    i quit rs thats right runescape stinks!!!

  • Shibley911Shibley911 Member Posts: 35

    Dude can i have your stuff. Can i also have your account please. Thank you. My email is [email protected], or jsut reply to this message.

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    Here are the MMO games I have played/tried:
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