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Mage or Range?

detectiveLdetectiveL Member Posts: 24

Well, after 2 years, i left Runescape and went to play WoW, FFXI, COV/COH, and through all that, i realized how much i missed Runescape. Anyway, I'm  trying to get back into the swing of things. I am having trouble picking what i wanna be more, Mage or Range. I'm too lazy to get them both up... for now. Anyway, I've always been a magic-fan, but by friend says range is getting alot better. So i ask you humbly my fellow gamers, what should i chose, Mage or Range? (Could you also give me a reason for your answer please?)


  • K33n0K33n0 Member Posts: 80

    Depends what amount of cash u wanna spend on each skill. Mage is very expensive without Rcin, and trains really fast. It has high hits, but vunerable to rangers. Range isnt as expensive as mage, and might be good for pking, as u hit rapid constant hits such as (depending on your range level), e.g. 10,10,9 etc.Training takes forever with range at 50+ but can be speeded up by a cannon. Depends on 1) How much cash you have, 2) How much time u wanna spend on it, and 3) What you're gnna be using it for. I would prefer range for pking, (at higher level), but ulinke range, mage isnt a combat only skill. (apart from shortcuts). You can alch, tele block, tele yourself etc. It's your choice, really. Have fun =p.

  • mike480mike480 Member Posts: 75

    I would personally go for range, since not only is mage expensive - but using magic mages you vulnerable to all classes.  If i were a warrior, i could easily hit high on you, snce you would not have armour.  And for rangers, there wearing d hide armour, making it harder to hit. 

  • K33n0K33n0 Member Posts: 80

    Yeah, If you're mainly gonna PK, use range. If u want a versatile skill that u can use for many things, use mage. I would probably say range for PKing, although it depends on what arrows you use. But for everything else (although u need a bit of cash) train mage. RuneCrafting will also help lots, as once you get higher RCIn you can make good money out of it, and it can be very useful for mage (chaos, laws etc) I managed to get from 25 to  60 mage on my pure for around 20k, in 1.5 months, by law running. I you are pay 2 play, maging is far easier, with the many other options available.

  • detectiveLdetectiveL Member Posts: 24

    Well, i have been wanting to become a PK-er, but i haven't ever been able to keep a calm head in battle. Before, when i used to play, I think i had a lv... 93 with 80 mage. Telaporting was quite a treat but I guess if i chose range i could simply use grappling hooks and stuff. I never really fought with all that magic either.( My friend constantly scolded me for that) The choice is tough, versatility or more strength in battle. Never really liked melee much (sorry) and summoning doesn't seem like my thing.

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