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A Whole Different Game

mike480mike480 Member Posts: 75

Ever since that painful day in November, Runescape will never be the same.  Sure some people will stick around a bit, waiting for JaGeX to game an update to fix the problems.  Let's face it, the chances of getting anything CLOSE to the way it used to be is far out of reach.

Which brings me to my first suject - THE WILDERNESS.  Without pking, many people have quit the game (easily over 10k players, f2p and p2p at minimum) and the wilderness is what made the game truely different.  There are not many other games where a guy can go in a pvp and fight his own levels. 
Now after this update, JaGeX was getting desperate to try and keep players around.  They had to make some changes.  They realized that more f2p quit then p2p (although a good bundle of p2p quit as well), so they decided to make more things non - member.  Then they thought,  "Hey, let's try to do something to replace pking!  So they made bounty hunter.  Now bounty hunter you can only do in FIVE WORLDS.  This means that if you were looking for a less crowded place to pk with a couple of your friends, look elsewhere.  Bounty hunter has taken the fun and friendship away from many, making them join a huge clan or face to consiquences (DEATH).  Personally my favorite part of the game was finding new friends and going pking with them(especially in a less crowded world, so we wouldn't run into as many clans).  All bounty hunter is a bunch of huge clans, and there is NO single pvp.  Another thing they had to do was make a member thing turn f2p, to keep people around for a while.  Then they thought - hey we'll make the dual arena f2p.  But it's not as joyful as it sounds, since no one in f2p can make a bet OVER 3K. 

The limit of 3k brings me to yet another painful situation.  THEY MADE A TRADE CAP.  That's right, anyone who plays can only make a trade that is up to 30k unbalanced (with a high number of quest pints) compared to Jagex's prices.  That's right, the community doesn't control the prices anymore, only JaGeX does, which disgusts me.  Not only does this take away getting a bargon off something, but also i cannot lend anyone anything.  Say i wanted to give my cousin (who just started playing) 100k to get him off his feet.  WELL I CAN'T!  Being generous has now been stripped from this game, letting no one help new players...So now there is no pking with friends or giving anything to anyone.  

Now I've been playing RuneScape for a while, ever since I was around nine, so i know what I'm talking about.  And the absolute ONLY thing that kept me around was pking and friends, and combined they were great.  But now, i can't pk with a small group or lend my friends anything.  
More surprisingly then this, I cannot believe that JaGeX could make the game worse THEMSELVES.  I mean let's face it, it's already a terribly graphiced game with a miserable combat system and pretty damned bad custamor service.   But it bothers me that they would be the only one to even give a crap about RWTer's, especially when there game was finally beginning to get more populated.  They lost a good bundle of cash with this update as well.
These updates have taken away some of the things that I (and probably many others) loved about this game.  Now that all of that is gone.  All i see in runescape are three things: skillers, ABSOLUTE NOOBS, and people who still have hope in JaGeX.

That is my rant on RuneScape, if you read the whole thing, thanks for your patience :).
~mike480~ Remember da Name


  • liner60liner60 Member Posts: 4

    man, you are so right! runescape has been completely ruined!

  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    Agreed. I quit over it as well as my friends ( and we were all paying members) .  We have all agreed that we will never play anything else Jagex makes ... ever.

  • mike480mike480 Member Posts: 75

    I can't blame you, I have never seen the creators of a game ruin it's own game lol

  • nbb1993nbb1993 Member Posts: 4

    i think the changes jagex made were horrible.

  • plqxplqx Member Posts: 15

    They got rid of the bots and a large chunk of the "leetist" community that was giving runescape a bad name...

    Yes there is a price that had to be paid for this, but in my opinion, as in those of the vast majority who actually make a positive contribution to the game, it is a price worth paying. The game was doomed to die and they saved it. Not the opposite as some people seem to believe.

  • K.o.v.eK.o.v.e Member Posts: 227

    Wow I mean I new the wilerness was takin out and all but how the hell can they put a trade limit of 30k!!

    I dont even understand what would make them do that...


  • hambuzerhambuzer Member Posts: 10

    hi there

    ive play for runescape for 2 years and now they ban me of the entire site, like 3 weeks ago.  its the first time i see this: they ban my IP address. 

    ur right, runescape has change a lot these 3 last months.  i was going in wild and i saw that nobody was there and that we cant even kill ppl in!  thats weird.  the thing that most frustrated me is the price update.  i was someone who gives a lot to ppl but now we got a limit... because of that some ppl lost their own way of merchanting...

    I think Jagex didn't add these changes in a bad way.  They tried to stop scamming, gold-farming and more problems, what they won, but they destroy the game for others.  They punished the wrong ppl.

    So me i hope to play jagex again... i wish.

    c ya!

    (¯\-- Please Jagex, another chance? --/¯)

  • mike480mike480 Member Posts: 75

    I think Jagex didn't add these changes in a bad way.  They tried to stop scamming, gold-farming and more problems, what they won, but they destroy the game for others.  They punished the wrong ppl.


    I'm guessing your one of the many people who think that RWTer's are actually gone from the game.  Well letme tell you this, that is a very wrong statement. 

    Instead of making bots to cut yews, people just pay to get others to go on their accounts and make money for them.  Another, more popular used way, is that they sell accounts. (which I think is even worse). So now, people can just go on these websites and buy peoples accounts, without even having to work for all those levels.

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