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You guys should have a Text-base MMO forum

MrVicchioMrVicchio Member Posts: 598

I know they aren't as BIG as standard 3D MMO's, but games like AstroEmpires have a very dedicated fan base and I would like to see a forum to those games made if possible.

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  • rashherorashhero Member UncommonPosts: 510

    I agree. A folder group for text based MMOs with cats. like sci-fi, fantasy, etc.  I myself have been playing MUDs for about 15 of my 24 years.

  • ArckenArcken Member Posts: 2,431

    I still get my MUD on, due to the smaller number of players, you always find a much more close knit and friendly community. That and the absence of things like doodspeak and fotm quotes from whatever popular show comedy central is running atm.

  • ImpacatusImpacatus Member Posts: 436

    I'd support this.  I've never played a MUD before, but I'm really curious to learn about what concepts and ideas have been tried and tested in MUDs before.  We always discuss whether certain game ideas would work or not based on our experience with mmorpgs, but there must be a whole world of experience to learn from in MUDs.  I've been looking for somewhere I can go to get some idea of what ideas have been explored in the history of MUDs, and a forum on this site would be perfect.

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  • OrcaOrca Member UncommonPosts: 629 is primarily for visual MMORPG's.

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  • kb4blukb4blu Member UncommonPosts: 717

    Originally posted by Orca is primarily for visual MMORPG's.
    Where does it say that  ???


  • MrVicchioMrVicchio Member Posts: 598

    Originally posted by Orca is primarily for visual MMORPG's.
    That doesn't mean they cannot make a simple forum for "Text based MMO's" 


    Cause I can't play most games from work, but AE for example, I check at work from time to time. 


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  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
    Originally posted by kb4blu

    Originally posted by Orca is primarily for visual MMORPG's.
    Where does it say that  ???



    Notice the yellow highlight:

    • 500 or more simultaneous players in one world.
      • The game must include some form of graphical common area. This distinction means Diablo II is not considered an MMORPG, while Guild Wars is.
    • It must be no text based MUDs.
    • Persistent characters.
    • Some form of character advancement.
    • It must use a true client/server connection.  In other words, no HTML or "web" based games.  Games that run in a browser using Java are OK.
    • Five or more screenshots from inside of the game engine itself.
    • A professional web site free of annoying pop-up ads or Spyware programs and access to some kind of support system.
    • Must fully support English.  This means the client interface, in-game chat, help system and support website must all be in English.

    NOTE: At this time we are no longer adding 2D/Isometric games to our list - we will add these again at a later date once we adapt our list to allow feature filtering.

    If the game fails to meet any of these criteria, we do not include it on Occasionally, we will cover high profile games that have not yet met the screenshot criteria, but they will still not be included in the “Game List”.

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912


    Originally posted by Vendayn

    I can't seem to find where it says that at the moment, I know I saw that though. But isn't that for the game to be listed in the "game list" area and that does not include the forums?
    So to have a game listed it would need to have all that stuff, but we could still have a forum for text based games.

    Yeah, they can give it a forum section, such as they did for Hardware. The only problem I see is that then people will squack 'til there's a FPS section, an adventure game section, a puzzle game section, etc. So, basically, they'd be giving free advertisement to every game in that section/sections.


    I personally don't mind if they make a text-based forum section, as I enjoy a couple myself. I'm just looking at it from their point of view.

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