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How much per month are you paying to play VCO?

Just to put things into prospective, VCO is a free play game to a point. How much players are spending per month does vary a lot.  Accepting that in the beginning Players will pay nothing, but in the end as the months roll by the costs to upgrade your waepons etc comes from your RL wallet and could translate into a monthly cost. So, since this is a major sticking point between VCO or BBO, perhaps I could ask all regular VCO players to work out what they are spending per month on VCO and enter in the poll I have here?



  • CaptAntillusCaptAntillus Member Posts: 58

       I play VCO since april/2007 and have spent, so far, U$ 200 for me and my wifes´s account, which means we spend about U$ 10/month each.

      And we have high level chars, supporting chars, etc.

     This talk that you spend more in IM than with a monthly fee seems very void for me.

  • RafadotnechiRafadotnechi Member UncommonPosts: 90

    5 per mounth

  • Mike215Mike215 Member Posts: 6

    Is " too much " a good answer ?



  • gimperinngimperinn Member Posts: 7

    I´we been playing VC for over a year, i think i have an OK char and i haven´t ever bought anything for RL money :)

  • memo0omemo0o Member Posts: 6

    well i havent payed never ever an i have not a rlly good strong chrcc cuz i dont play much

    but quit good and alot of my friends never paid and they are better than some ppl who pay a bunch of money

    mine is :Memooo

    Friends who never paid








  • gimperinngimperinn Member Posts: 7

    you guys in a guild?

    if not plz join mine and my brothers guild :)

  • memo0omemo0o Member Posts: 6

    well we play on dagamma

    Rincewind is a guild leader and we all in it lol

    it is well known here


    and thnx for invitiation wat guild u leader of btw..

  • gimperinngimperinn Member Posts: 7

    Nice. Me and my brother are in Serpents on Magellan server.  We´re the only ones in it so... not that known guild :p 

  • piratedude101piratedude101 Member UncommonPosts: 13

    around this time of the game i was paying 50$ amonth but thats what you gad to do to be stronger in the game so oh well i like it anyways......i felt i had to comment on this post hehe

  • ObamaonicsObamaonics Member Posts: 33

    $50 a month? holy mack...what do you need to be strong for? I've played a little, just started, but what's gotta be paid for to enjoy the game, and secondly what do you have to be strong for and against to enjoy the breadth of the game?

  • EBALNIKAEBALNIKA Member Posts: 1

    too mach :) hhh... No too mach


  • Kowboy_KittyKowboy_Kitty Member Posts: 41

     that sounds hardcore expensive, *cough* signature *cough*

  • kajmir101kajmir101 Member Posts: 9

    This game is possible to play for free.

    With that said, good luck doing so.


    The there is a constant need to buy from items mall or you can not advance or spend extended periods of time while others surpass you.


    I blew well over 500 dollars in 6 months to advance skills and enjoy a few extra...


    I quit over the cost and the destroying of resource collecting.

    It's a really big shame, this game has decent graphics and it's so orginal with so much to offer...



  • SaintPhilipSaintPhilip Member Posts: 713
    I voted ZERO because I have never played- I am sure others did the same as well just to see the results of the Poll. SO at least 1 of the people (and probably more) who voted $0 do not play the game anyhow so the Poll is inaccurate.
  • PsyentistPsyentist Member UncommonPosts: 46
    VCO is original and inspired enough to be worth a few bucks.  For me personally, the commerce angle and becoming some kind of importer/exporter got old when I just wanted to fund my ability to go out and kick some nautical booty.  Suffice to say, the ship battles are amazing, I dont know how many games exist with this kind of cannon ship fights but I'd never played anything so engrossing and tactically balanced when I ran across VCO a few years ago. I remember making it all the way to the Asian nations before quitting, I dont think it was financial considerations as much as it was just boredom, but I've still never experienced a game quite like it.  Very much worth a couple bucks, and I'm tempted to give it another go, lol.  Nah.
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