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Help please.

LoStCaUz3LoStCaUz3 Member Posts: 1,154
I haven't heard a lot about this game and don't know exactly what it is about? Can anyone fill me in? Tell me what makes it appeal to you, what makes it different from anyother game, and what ever else you can. Thankyou for the help and information in advance.

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  • CeronimCeronim Member Posts: 12
    • A own (i think fantastic) graphic-engine
    • A great PvP-System (nearly the best ideas from the Genre),
      so it's developed as a PvP-Game (And not become afterwards like DaoC)
    • A new system agains 'Griefer' (PKer) named 'Fame-System'
      e.g. You get good Fame in your Imperium (e.g. Ork) if you kill a Dwarf during War
      but you get bad Fame if you kill him in Peace or you kill an Ork, etc.
    • Your Guild can build (buy it from the GMs) a Town and you can hire NPCs to secure it.
      Athough you can get a 'Tactical Overview' if you have a high 'Leadership'-Skill so you can Lead the NPCs (e.g. in a Fight about your Town)

    and many, many more ...

    look @ http://realmsofkrel.com/

    if you want to see Screens: http://www.rot-world.de/modules.php?name=coppermine <- the biggest screen-achive ...

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  • TsalarianTsalarian Member Posts: 1

    One of the things that really makes this game different from any other I've seen is perma-death. Your character will die after about 500 online hours (of old age). He can also die sooner, in certain situations. This game also has a bloodline system, which gives you the possibility you to inherit traits from previous character to new ones... (like being able to learn the best skill of your previous character faster etc).

    There's alot of info available on the forums of www.realmsofkrel.com

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