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Newsflash! Release date pushed back to 5/20/2008



  • ProtestProtest Member UncommonPosts: 159

    I love how people still think the word "polish" holds any meaning. It is just a pr/marketing buzz word, that MMO gamers have placed a  bizarre pathological comfort in.

    There is no polish, only Zuul.

    “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started... and know the place for the first time.”
    -T.S. Eliot

  • QmireQmire Member Posts: 423

    this just shows they don't wanna pull a vanguard like so many mmorpgs do lately....


    This is a good sign that they are willing to to push it back to polish it more instead of just releasing it to get quick money and give up....

    I mean blizzard never really lost anything but the annoying customers when they delayed things, any copany wants to get rid of those people, blizzard has only made people go like "argh... blizzard soon again..." yet they still wait cause when they get the product they are damn happy about quiality product.


    I hope this is the same case, i want Age of Conan to be a game that's really worth it with polished features.


    Keep the bugs and bad coding to a minimum, and don't forget about the most important thing, don't release a game in beta state.



  • mo0rbidmo0rbid Member Posts: 363

    How can some of you think that another delay is good`? this is like the fifth Fing delay


  • PolarizationPolarization Member Posts: 1,410

    Most disappointing to see the usual delusional fans (not including the rational and objective type) making the same tired old excuses and irrational explanations for the developers being incapable of meeting there deadlines or promises.

    How about using some common sense and deducing that there is enough evidence to justify beyond reasonable doubt that they are experiencing problems in getting to a stage where even the developers think its in there financial interest to release let alone the paying public.

    Despite the frantic efforts of the cheer leaders to persuade us or possibly more likely themselves into believing otherwise in light of recent evidence this games development is experiencing some serious issues.

  • SigneSigne Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,524

    Originally posted by Qmire 
    Keep the bugs and bad coding to a minimum, and don't forget about the most important thing, don't release a game in beta state.
    I agree with that statement.  Unfortunately, way too many games have pushed back release date after release date and STILL give us nothing more than a beta for our money.  Sometimes even worse than a beta.  I used to be pretty enthused about starting a game the day they rev up the servers for the first time, but no more.  Now I'm more inclined to wait until I see people's reactions.  It's not just about the money, either.  It's as much about frustration.  It makes me more apt to believe they're placating people with buzzwords, like Protest said.  Of course, I don't expect devs to tell us, "What we have created seems to be a load of shite" ... that would be just too perfect if they did.  hehe.  I guess I just don't fall for their spin anymore, even though it makes me feel a bit jaded. 

    PS  Everything I'm saying is pretty general and not specifically aimed at just AoC. 

  • templargatemplarga Member RarePosts: 2,191

    All these does is add 8 weeks. That is not an eternity. For me, its great because I teach and I will be done by that point for the Summer.

    Also remember that EVERY release date before March 25th was PURE speculation on everyone's behalf. If you want to get technical, March 25th was the first release date that Funcom stated would be THE release date.

    Funcom has said repeatedly - if the game isn't where the want it, they will push it back. I rather they push it back then launch poorly.

    If they launched poorly, everyone here complaining about the push back, would be screaming about the poor launch and they needed to push launch back.

    See? The MMO community is never happy no matter what a company does.

    I will accept the push back, I will play other games and enjoy it. I will still by AOC when it launches and play it too.

    I will say this though: SInce they are pushing launch back again, I, along with many others, will have less tolerance for a poor launch. Pushing a game back and having a great launch? Highly acceptable. Pushing the game back and having a poor launch with broken game systems, not acceptable. And with the WOW expansion and WAR on the horizon, a poor launch would be bad for AOC.

  • Maybe the whole Oslo dev team shouldnt have taken the entire Month of december off with the release of their often delayed game less then 3 month away?.

  • JazuJazu Member Posts: 15

    Baaah... that better be the last delay


    But hey - as long as the game aint another Vanguard..

  • Harakiri23Harakiri23 Member Posts: 1
    Originally posted by Battlekruse

    Maybe the whole Oslo dev team shouldnt have taken the entire Month of december off with the release of their often delayed game less then 3 month away?.

    Maybe devs are also humans and deserve some holidays ? Maybe its not the responsibility of the dev team to fit into the business plan of a company ? Maybe you should acknowledge that developers are one of those job groups where you always most certainly work overtime hours because you are always behind the target release (a software will never be "finished").

    Apart from that, im really disappointed that they only pushed back the release date by 2 month. I have no idea what they want to achieve in just 8 weeks - speaking as a developer myself, for a project this large, 8 weeks is nothing - nothing. The artists may push some new graphics in - but there will be NO more features - why ? Because they would be untested - and you dont introduce new features a few weeks before public release. What you do is, find the most critical bugs and fix gameplay issues. So what you can expect at release is - a generic stable mmorpg with overall enjoyment for level 1-20 - after that the same fate as in other games will come fast. There will be no content, no mechanics, to keep the players which are higher level - and alot of people will be high level pretty fast.
  • taliftalif Member Posts: 141

    I wonder if that will be enough time to polish this game.What i see is this game and warhammer being push back again to 2009. I might be wrong but from what i seen so far i don't think that the extra 2 months will be enough. Guess they will polish what they can and release it and patch it later.

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    Waiting 4 DCUO ,and FFXIV

  • Terminus-EstTerminus-Est Member UncommonPosts: 352

    Originally posted by Harakiri23

    Maybe devs are also humans and deserve some holidays ?

    Most people get three days over Christmas, not a whole month.

  • miagisanmiagisan Member Posts: 5,156
    Originally posted by Terminus-Est

    Originally posted by Harakiri23

    Maybe devs are also humans and deserve some holidays ?


    Most people get three days over Christmas, not a whole month.

    i got 2 days off and then 1 day for new years......and i am pretty sure i work more hours than most (around 50-55)


  • CarpfaceCarpface Member Posts: 41

    Wow, what the hell.  I totally understand that games like these really do require polish, polish, polish, but honestly, just don't give promised release dates at all if its going to be like this.  This is made all the worse by the fact that they've just released information on the Collectors Edition that many people have already pre-ordered, and the reassurances in most CES movies that March 08 was the real deal.  I don't want to play a bugged game, or an "unpolished" one, God knows after trying Vanguard, but just don't make promises you can't keep or else I'm going to have to start calling Funcom "Nintendo".

  • HelliconiaHelliconia Member Posts: 11

    2 months is a stupid amount of time to delay.  If they really wanted to sort the game out they would delay till christmas this year or early next year which i actually expect will happen anyway.  By delaying they show they are nowhere near a proper release version of the game but realise if they give us a real accurate estimate of how long its gonna take to sort it out everyone would be pissed (including the fanboys) and lose interest. 

    And yes i am pissed that a game i have been waiting for has been delayed when i know full well even if it does come out in may it wont be all that much better than if it had been released 2 months before.  I havent played an mmo properly for over a year now and every one ive tried since has been pants.  I was anxiously awaiting this one as i feel it has a chance to become my new mmo.  Ive waited long enough for a new mmo so of course 2+ more months is a long time to me.  Whilst i can see how it could be good for the business for them to delay, it still doesnt stop me being pissed off when i would be perfectly happy with the game 2 months earlier and patches to fix stuff later on.  I know that isnt a popular viewpoint that most people would subscribe to but i can handle a couple months of fixes as long as i can actually play the game.  I dont blame them for delaying but it wont stop me being pissed off.

  • andyjdandyjd Member Posts: 229
    Originally posted by templarga

    Also remember that EVERY release date before March 25th was PURE speculation on everyone's behalf. If you want to get technical, March 25th was the first release date that Funcom stated would be THE release date.

    Thats not true. There was a solid Nov 2007 date which was delayed.

  • miagisanmiagisan Member Posts: 5,156

    ack  nvm read it wrong :)


  • Dis_OrdurDis_Ordur Member Posts: 1,501

    Originally posted by Lobotomist

    Originally posted by OlG-fr

    There are really people angered when Devs push back their product to take more time to polish/finish it?


    You probably do not realise the game was supposed to be released 2006 , and it is 7th push back

    This game is fastly becoming the Duke Nuken Forever of MMO's...  Hell, GFW did an article on it last month along with all of the other vaporware and failed releases.  They even did that before this latest pushback too!

    You guys remember Gods and Heroes?  This went through similar push backs and release changes, only to get shitcanned...  As did DnL, Mourning and other failed projects, not saying AoC is like that, but is is worth mentioning.  Not looking good for this game. 

    I am glad EQ2's 40+ content is the best around, looks like I will be playing that for a looooooong time.



  • AbIeLAbIeL Member UncommonPosts: 152
    Originally posted by markyturnip

    I wonder if this means AoC is effectively going head to head with WAR.
    Before it looked like the lead time would give it the edge. Now it looks like more of a straight up choice.

    lol WAR got no chance with AOC. War might go head to head with WoW

  • JazuJazu Member Posts: 15


  • JazuJazu Member Posts: 15

    My f-ing god... if they delay it just one more time - they wont be getting my money, thats for sure!

  • XasapisXasapis Member RarePosts: 6,337

    No matter what you may say now, they (probably) will get your money if the game is good, regardless of the time of release. They will (probably) not get your money if they release it sooner than later but it's in poor state.

    I can only imagine the pressure they receive from the shareholders to release the game (I'm sure there unreasonable people among them as there are among the people of this forum). Your complaints and whatever pressure you assume you (not just the last poster but generally) put on them is nothing compared to the pressure from the people currently paying the bills.

  • JazuJazu Member Posts: 15


    Originally posted by korvass

    We really have devolved into a "I want it all NOW!" culture haven't we?
    Oh noes! They're delaying release because they're not done yet! Well duh, they're still in production. Delays can happen. It's not like they owe us anything. None of us are their bosses, or have paid them for anything, so we have no say over their deadlines.
    You'd think that everyone would be pleased they're delaying to make a better product. But no, there's still some people who think the sky is going to fall in, or that the devs are lying, or some evil conspiracy to turn the game into SWG is going to happen...
    C'mon people, leave the devs be. Let them hold off until they're satisfied they've completed a game that will be fun to play.

    Yeah delays can happen... but seven? It seems to me that this isnt the last delay we are going to see and that f-ing sucks.


    Sure, none of us is their bosses.. I just can't understand why they keep setting new launch dates and then delays them - and since Im going to be spending a lot of money on this game I want something more exact and precise than just "blabla we've got to delay it again"



    Its not serious and it feels like getting pissed on >8)

  • SelenciaSelencia Member Posts: 180

    If the game is a success, 6 months to a year after launch noone will remember there being delays. With that said, I don't think this will be the last delay. Funcom are probably going to continue to delay until right before Warhammer Online's release. Age of Conan & Warhammer are the two biggest MMOs of 2008, and there are probably many players willing to jump on whichever releases first.

  • airheadairhead Member UncommonPosts: 718

    For some hilarious (yet germane) reading on this subject...

    (just start the first and note the dates of the posts.... lol)

  • AlienovrlordAlienovrlord Member Posts: 1,525

    It's good to see developers are now willing to spend the extra time and money rather than giving players a pay-to-beta that has been the previous standard in the MMORPG industry.  It shows the industry is learning from its past mistakes and that's a good thing.  

    It would be nice if Funcom gave more warning about these push-backs instead of  waiting until the same quarter of their latest announced release date.   They did the same thing with the Nov. release date and waited until shortly before to announce the push-back.   They must have known things like this are going to happen more than a quarter ahead of time but they don't let the community know until the same quarter.  

    The more lead-time you give for a push-back, the more easily the community can accept it.   Wait until the release date gets close, and people feel like there's last minute scrambling even if that's not the case.

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