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So many errors >_< Help please

N-Q-PN-Q-P Member Posts: 1

Ok i have been able to play 9d with out any problems then it started to get cut out and would come up with an error.

Now i cant even play the thing all together. I wondered if it was my computer so i tried it on my laptop which has vista n still wont work. ^^

I have changed graphics and re connected the net. I made it windowed and it worked but i had a coupleo f times where i cut out. Now i have a new error. I changed the download method from Winlnet downloader 1 to TCP/IP downloader.

Graphic settings are now all on high.

I really have no idea what im doing and why it wont work. Please help. -_-  If u think u can help let me no i will try anything at this point

Also i cant go anywhere. i can never go to death valley or anything like that it just cant load it >_< silly thing




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