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Eternal Night: Night Elf only guild

El'rahdEl'rahd Member Posts: 24

Eternal Night, if you havn't already noticed from the title is a Night Elf only guild, however, those who aren't Night Elves may still proceed reading or go to out website at Another point is that Eternal Night is a primarily a mature roleplaying guild where everyone treats eachother with equal respect, no matter the rank you are. To join, one must have RP skills, however, it is alright that you have only sound knowledge of RP, that can be worked on. Now into the main stuff. Eternal Night is lead by group of five known as the Council (original eh?). Each member of the coucil is known as Elder and they each also lead a House (more info later). When you apply you are required to fill out the following

1. Character name
2. Gender
3. Basic description: age (no older then 12,000 please), hair, height, weight, skin color, and build
4. Class
5. Equipment (nothing magical: you are not a super hero...yet). It can still stand out. This includes armor, weapons, and whatever else he/she has on them at all times
6. Personality type (the silent hero, the boisterous drunk, the happy go lucky thief, ect...)
7. Your history. Make it how you would like, within reason (you did not slay grom hellscream and you were not the apprentice of the betrayer)
8. Which house you are applying to. This is a big part because that elder (or in the Elder's absence, his Master Elf) shall be setting the criteria for your acceptance
9. Why you wish to join eternal night

this application can be posted at our forums [url=]here[/url] while, there also read what the requirements are to sustain membership. now onto the House descriptions

House Light: Deals with interguild relations, in all asspects, from trade, to treaties, to declarations of war. Inside the guild they act as Arena refs and settle disputes. This house is for ambassadors, diplomates, and advisor style characters. Classes accepted: All classes

House Protector: Deals with the defence of the elven lands, this house comprises 90% of the elven army and nearly all of the soldiers, sherriffs, and generals. Classes accepted: Warrior, Hunter, Druid

House Healer: Deal with the welfare and care of all elves. This house is spread throughout the land to care for all elves. A small division of them live with the soldiers of house Protector and supply the healing and spells an army needs. Classes accepted: Priest, Druid

House Keeper: Charged with the care of the woodlands and all its creatures. This house tends the glades guardens and trees, always watchful of the balance of nature, they defend their personal groves with determination but would rather leave the bulk of the fighting to the soldiers. Classes accepted: Druid, Hunter, Priest

House Shadow: Intel, This house serves as the scouts and border watchers. This house deals with the dark deeds the elves would rather not speak of. Accepted classes: Rogue, Hunter, Warrior

These Houses were made when the Elders relised that it would be easier to organise if they each lead a different part of the guild, and in times of war, Elders could just rally the members and place them in parties for organised attacks, such as Protectors up front, Healer and Keeper at the back and Shadow on sides skirmishing. Each House also has a similar structure to the guild set out like this

Triad member --> Leader of the House
Master elf --> The second in command.
2 Captains --> Each captain (Also called nikerym) rules 3 warriors
6 Warriors --> member

Right now we have 20 members, and are trying to reach our member cap of 30-35 and are recruiting all classes for all Houses. That is basicallyhow Eternal Night is set up, hope you come have a look and decide to join our great and friendly community.

If you wish to join go to out forums [url=]here[/url] and post your application. For more information go to our site at

btw, if you want to find me, I am known as El'rahd on the boards and my email is [email protected]. or you can contact our Elders using our homepage and clicking Contact Page.

El'rahd Keth'onna. Thank you for reading and hope to see you in our guild

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