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kaitlynkatkaitlynkat Member Posts: 3

Well, Runescape was a big hit when it first came out, But then people started getting bored with it. If you still play runescape you should know they have bounty hunter and clan wars. Well Runescape Staff now quotes: I've made runescape clan wars because i know there are alot of new players (consitered as noobs to some) Doing bounty hunter and complaining there losing there stuff , and say it wasnt fair! he/she was higher level! SO for now on dont complain you've lost your stuff just do clan wars where your on teams and when you die you wont lose your stuff." But i was confused. Because he should of thought of this when The Wilderness was up and we didnt know what it was and Wizards could attack out of notice. But i figured out his Quote made sense intill one day i started an clan war with 765 thousand credits. Mithril Sword, Mithirl Amour, And all that expensive stuff i thought i'd be safe so i died By an high cb (combat) level then me and i died i knew i was safe so i thought till i looked in my invetory everything was gone! and i knew it wasnt fair ANYTHING UNDER 1k shouldnt be dropped in bh (bounty hunter) and in clan wars NOTHING should be dropped Staff was lieing. MY POINT IS THOUGH. Answer the poll. Is runescape unfair, boring.... just read the poll and you'll see what im talking about. MY sugguestion its unfair and boring. everyday it goes by


  • nightwing70nightwing70 Member Posts: 142

    the quests are why it is unique, its not kill x and thats it, its even better then the quests in world of warcraft or guild wars

    But the recent updates sicne dec 07 ruinded this game


    R.I.P Ruindedscape

  • Bri4christBri4christ Member Posts: 13

    I dont think that Runescape the game is all that bad.Of course the graphics are horrible but some people can still deal with it.What i like about runescape is that there is always a new person to play with,You can work on a skill and do a few quests.Sometimes i think that runescape loses players because they have members  and you have to pay 5$ a month.Runescape is not worth 5$ a month it should be a free game.anyways people feel cheated and they don't want to pay so they don't play.but i think that for runescape there will always be people paying,leaving,and there is no dead runescape at the moment.i recomend runescape if you dont want to pay to play for video games.

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