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recycle mob models?

NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417

will Aion have recycle mobs? level 40 mobs look like level 10 mobs? level 70 mobs look like level 50 mobs? only change name?


I dislike mmos that shares the same mob model.... its like the developer are lazy to design a new mob for other level. I dont want Aion to be like archlord and lineage 2 where most mobs share same model. difference is only level and name and sometimes color.

I hope Aion will not be like that.....





  • EphimeroEphimero Member Posts: 1,860

    There's no info available regarding that issue, i'm afraid. Only thing i've noticed in videos is that mobs are well distributed, with ghosts/bats in ruins and mushrooms in spores forest, so, unless there are 50 spores forest, i doubt you'll be seeing many mushrooms.

  • SharajatSharajat Member Posts: 926

    Every MMO does this to an extent.  First, it saves money.  Second, it adds continuity (especially if they make a few changes to those models - hey look, those low level people over here were once related to those high level people over there). 

    Really, I don't see a big deal as long as its not done too frequently.  I'm fine with seeing a level 60 Skeleton that's the same as a level 30 skeleton with a bigger sword and a little shield, and maybe upscale the model size 15%.  Makes sense to me. 

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  • candygirl6candygirl6 Member Posts: 412

    I hope it doesn't too much.

    Some games do this just way too much.

    lvl 1 spider...Lvl 30 Gigantic spider...Lvl 40 Spider Queen

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