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AznChimpGuyAznChimpGuy Member Posts: 29

 lol that aint fair about maplestory!!!

THERES A NEW CAREER IN MAPLESTORY KOREA God damn its cool too its like a mix of a theif and a bowman JEEZ I WANT IT SO BAD ITS A PIRATE OR A GUNNER!  it can use a claw and a gun DAMN THATS AAWWWWSSSOOMMM!!!!!

anyway if you dont belive me check it out on youtube...

But Hey should i abandon global maplestory and go get hooked on the Korea version?


  • KaileKaile Member Posts: 2

    Can you even do that since it's KOREAN version? Unless you go to Korea of course . Well, good luck .

    The sig has yet to come.

  • killerklown1killerklown1 Member Posts: 1

    ok the job is pirate... there is the infighter which you put your stats on str

     and the gunslinger uses dex. it is just and upgraded thief class. the infighters

    use brass knuckles abd things like that. the gunslingers are well pretty much

    self explanitory. but all togeather they look pretty cool.

  • GenisSage24GenisSage24 Member Posts: 3

    Lol not to call you stupid or anything, but it's EXTREMELY hard to get into Korea MS without actually living in Korea. First of all, you have to have an ISSN, which is some code they give citizens of Korea. Second, you need a Security Code that HAS TO BE REAL! This is also VERY hard to come by.. The only way you will EVER play KMS is by..

    1. Moving to Korea.

    2. Buying a KMS account already made.

    P.S. KMS has a test server called Tespia, where the rates are so much more higher than the experience of Global MS. You can level up insanely fast.. There's vids of level 33's getting to 53's, 1 kill per level at stirges.. That's how fast Tespia is.

    Dunno wut to put here, i'll update it later. =]

  • AznChimpGuyAznChimpGuy Member Posts: 29

    WTF!?!?!?! RLY

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