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Summoning. The Verdict.

K33n0K33n0 Member Posts: 80

Right, now its been out a few days, what do u think of Summoning?? I think its pretty harsh that they havnt made some sort of the skill f2p, as there hasnt been an update for skills, quests or items for those guys for ages.


  • Jenus1Jenus1 Member Posts: 162

    f2p have an option to pay for more content, if they don't want to pay it's their fault.

    Pre-cu Fanbois,
    There will be no rollback.
    Go outside - Get a life,
    It's not coming back.
    We arn't giving you your game-back.
    So go outside, and realize that you've wasted 2 years.
    Pre-cu Fanbois.

  • K33n0K33n0 Member Posts: 80

    I know that' I'm saying that Jagex havnt made enough content available to all players in the past few years.


    Anyyway, =p, what does everyone think of Summoning?

  • LlamsterLlamster Member Posts: 234

    It's probably the best skill they've released since runecrafting. A myriad of new content, realistic explanation (well, dragging creatures from another dimension is more reasonable than spontaneously generating familiars using magic), and actual usefulness.


    Have played: RuneScape, EQ2 (free trial), Last Chaos, Silk Road, Dungeon Runners.
    Currently playing: RuneScape, Dungeon Runners.

    The notion that graphics, or anything else for that matter, are anywhere near as important as gameplay/fun is so utterly ridiculous that anyone who shares such a view should be placed in an asylum.

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