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Games within games

I'm a gamer. I like all kinds of games, not just things on my computer.  But, MMOs are my favorite.  So, if I can play several games within an MMO, all the better.  IMO, the more different things I can do in an MMO, the longer it keeps my interest.  A purely pve grind gets old.  Give me other ways to play the game and enjoy my characters.  AoC bar brawling comes to mind.  Also Vanguard's diplomacy is really an ingame card game.  Crafting fills this need.  I've been playing the Witcher and it has a Yahtzee dice game and drinking matches some NPCs will play with you.  The key is to have the games affect the bigger experience.  Even just playing cards for money is enough to keep it interesting.  On pve servers, WoW bgs are like a minigame, too - something different to mix it up.  I could see game parlors ingame where players could sit at a table and play cards or other games.  It's another way to socialize and a break from killing X number of sewer rats.  Thoughts?

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