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Mini Map Disappearing ?

TacolaTacola Member CommonPosts: 263

Anyone know another way to get your minimap to redisplay after it mysteriously disappears?  Other that a total restart of the game?


Also any word on whether they will ever give us the ability to keymap ?

Or maybe have quest NPC show up on the map ?

I have ask and looked thru the town and cant find the 'Iron Shop'.  Geez , game are suppose to be fun , lol

IMHO, if you have ever played other MMO's I just dont see have you could possible enjoy this game.  I mean you left click the select items and to move ?  That has to be an oversite for sure, I have played a few clicky move games before , and all use right click to move and left click to target.  But hey that is not the case here.

Perhaps if I hadnt wasited 1 or 2 hours getting the game setup, bunches of people having login errors, I was able to just uninstall and then reinstall the game to fix mine P, but lol is that really a fix ?   UNINSTALL is proable the best fix here =).

but again IMHO, try it if you like the idea, maybe you wont be as disappointed as I am P. 



  • ImayoImayo Member UncommonPosts: 7

    Did you accidently minimize the minimap? look for a button in the upper right hand corner. it toggles between minimized and regular modes.


    There is a button on the minimap that look like a person's head in silloutte. This button allows you to search for general npcs. Iron Shop = blacksmith, weaponsmith etc,

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