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Vendetta Online Patch 1.8

MiexonMiexon Vendetta Online CorrespondentMember Posts: 181

*** Vendetta 1.8.0

- Two new hives, centered in Metana and Rhamus

- Jump point indicator icon moved out about 200m so that it doesn't disappear behind you the instant you can activate

- Fixed bug where jump point indicator would be mixed up at the moment storms started/ended

- Linux joystick calibration utility disabled; it didn't work at all but we will fix it!


The Hive was first engineered to be used to collect minerals fast and easily by corporations and factions. These robots mined non stop as output of minerals increased rapidly as well as profits. Some where along the line (whether it be malfunction or sabotage) the robots encountered a bug that overwrote its functions and created a deadly swarm of attack robots.

Since the malfunction the robots have unified it seems in goal. They still mine but now use the minerals to manufacture newer and bigger bots. Some of these are a direct threat to stations and wormholes although they rarely pass through such areas. Despite sticking mainly to mineral based areas the Hive has been growing and it seems that three distinct regions have formed. The Rhamus Hive, The Metana Hive, and the Sedina Hive.

Although those regions consist of the major hive infestation they have continued to spread, gain more resources, and create a larger more dangerous force. Whether or not the space travelers ignore this presence or seek to destroy it is up for choice but one thing is sure; if left alone it will multiply and threaten human life as we know it.

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