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78 Glady contemplating a return

RuckupRuckup Member Posts: 111

Any opinions from people that current play?  I am just so bored of everything else that the L2 grind is at least a why to spend time with M8's.  What is the news of L3 ? 


  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,106

    Your 78, I suggest you come back if you enjoy PvPing because that is what the end-game is and you should know that by now.


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  • RuckupRuckup Member Posts: 111

    My bigest fight with L2 was always bots,   I hate them I KoS them often and I left when  I saw alot of "Legit"  or who I thought to be so botting.  If I ca get over that then I will return.

  • EllyrionEllyrion Member Posts: 193


    Originally posted by Ruckup

    My bigest fight with L2 was always bots,   I hate them I KoS them often and I left when  I saw alot of "Legit"  or who I thought to be so botting.  If I ca get over that then I will return.

    I think Sovrath and I mentioned it time and time again, bots die to groups, it is simply a non-factor, if your issue is truly about XP space. They may not yield to individuals with their boxed buff alt, and therein lies the dilema for a lot of casual players. You are the only one who can remedy this situation, and if you have a lv 78 Glad then you should be more than aware of what I mean by this, irrespective of the server you play on.


    WRT legitimacy, well again this is one of those how long is a piece of string questions. There is no doubt that a lot of ppl cheat, but there are also a lot that don't. Not all have the time or the inclination to post on the boards to give you a balanced perception. Its human nature to whinge publicly and the whole concept of a forum is the obvious place for it.  One of the problems with all MMO players is that they worry too much about what someone else has and not enough about whats on their plate. The old grass is greener syndrome is prolific. If you focus on what you need and do the research you will surely find that which you seek. A common issue for L2 players though is to first find what it is that they truly want...

    Search for a legit clan on your server or transfer to one on another server.

    There's lots to challenge you in K1T and there are significant efforts to allow high level characters to do some dual boxing should they be in between clans. The Isle of Prayer is an excellent zone and if you look around you will find some excellent write ups on the encounters found there. The new lv 80 gear looks great and is extremely challenging to acquire, lots of upgrades to the older gear are now available, etc etc... I could go on but without knowing what it is that motivates you to play in the first place its pretty much waxing lyrical...


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  • RuckupRuckup Member Posts: 111

    Ty all for the advice, What I ment by fight was not literal I mean the fight inside that really hates to see trains and that with NC Soft just not giving a damn about them.  I just have to remember it is now a part of the game.   Anyway I have a love for L2 that no other game has come close to filling so I think I will come back. 

    Are server transfers in game now?

  • SorrowhoSorrowho Member Posts: 581

    ncsoft stil dosen't give a damn about bot's or farmer's, at this rate i only see it getting worse, my guess is that they's more cheater's in this game then legal's

    EDIT: no server tranfear's aren't up, i woulden't have my hope's up for em cause i don't even belive they ever give it to us...

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