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Great idea but very bad grafics

I  tried A Tale in the Desert. I love the concept of the game, because I don´t won´t to play the usual moster-fighting and questing MMO.

But I just can´t get myself used to the grafics of this game.

It very urgently needs a grafics uptdate. I am sure, more people will start playing again, if it does.


  • LiquidvisonLiquidvison Member Posts: 112

    i agree with you about the graphics of this game, it looks like a few college students made this in their apartment....horrible to say the least...but good concept...they should of hooked up with the guys from Fury then they might stay afloat

  • LilaluLilalu Member Posts: 68

    Yes, they have a very good and interesting niche. There are no other MMOs out there without fighting.

    A Tale in the Desert never will become as popular as WoW, but they could do well, with better grafics.

    I don´t need perfect grafics like in Lord of the Rings online or the other big MMOs. But nice to look at and somewhat more up to date would be fine.

  • KilmarKilmar Member UncommonPosts: 844

    I loved atitd during my play time =)

  • SwiftpainSwiftpain Member Posts: 35

    its really not as bad as people are saying they are just think every thing now a days has to have next gen graphics. most of the game looks really well needs a few new textures and a new sprite system but thats really all it needs right now they are making the game really in depth with content not looking at graphics thought you could always come on IRC and talk with the devs they enjoy suggestions. you can find the link to the irc at

  • LilaluLilalu Member Posts: 68

    No, I don´t expect next gen grafics. The problem is there are many grafic generations in between A Tale in the Desert and "next gen".

    It doesn´t necessarily have to be the latest grafics, but somewhat more up to date would be nice.

    Thanks for the irc idea!

  • Snakester95Snakester95 Member UncommonPosts: 47

    If they increase the graphics chances are it'll help raise how good it is. Considering you'll be looking and the environment and the things you build often throughout the game. So you should at least be able to enjoy what you see and see that it's worth it. I personally think they should lower the price monthly on the game though. Pretty high.

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  • MwajiMwaji Member Posts: 229

    The graphics do not bother me, But i wanted just two things out of this game PvP and player customization.

    I dont mean like wow pvp or anything crazy with swirling knives and fireball. Just good ol murder ancient Desert style.. with a dirk and maybe a poisonous snake. And of course there would be laws and all. But pvp on a real death system game.. with full crafting and everything else the game has. Would be great.

  • SneakyPete69SneakyPete69 Member Posts: 5

    Graphics are ok, sound is a bit off and I agree the character customization needs improvement.

  • nakumanakuma Member UncommonPosts: 1,310

    frankly quality of the game comes down to the ability of the artist. If there is one rule when it comes to making 3d models, its not necessarily the polygons that make a model look good, its the textures. If a Model polygonal Silouette is done well, it can be lower polygons/tris and still have beautiful textures that make it stand out. Texture artists are the major key to making a model look good. then comes a level designer and their placement of environmental objects kind of a "feng shui" in which the environment has a harmony or "function". But talent can be very hard to come by if you dont have tyhe "funds" to pay their salary.

    short term you get what you pay for. but also the game engine is also equally important. if the engine cant handle alot of assets, texture memory load, or advanced shaders you will end up with an ugly game. and another final aspect is stylization stylization can dictate how well a game loooks, realistic, cartoony, psuedo-realism, stylized realism, cell shading, the list goes on.


    just my $.02

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  • AmorienAmorien Member Posts: 142



  • shaunathanshaunathan Member Posts: 73

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  • RosethorniiRosethornii Member Posts: 8

    Actually, most of the graphics in the game are gorgeous.  Just look at the detail on some of the things you can build. 


    The bigger problem is that our textures for sand, grass, etc, is outdated.  Those have never been updated I think.  But we're talking about updating them now, so hopefully for telling 5, just a texture update will modernize the look of the game.  Because a lot of the newer art already looks gorgeous.

  • DerrialDerrial Member Posts: 250

    I'm usually really picky about graphics, and my first reaction when I logged into the game was "meh," but I very quickly got over it. The unique, interesting gameplay made me forget about it. Sure, better graphics would be nice but I think the game would be fun even if it was text-based.

  • spades07spades07 Member UncommonPosts: 852

    they should try to build an app for the iphone- it would fit right in.

  • ValencianWinValencianWin Member Posts: 8

    Dude, it's Graphics, and does the graphics seriously matter?

  • DLangleyDLangley Member Posts: 1,407

    Please do not necro post in old threads.


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