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Huge Solid Alliance Guild - Praetorian Guards - 109+ members awesome WEBSITE

PG_RookzPG_Rookz Member Posts: 3

Praetorian Guards is a Alliance Guild joining the an AvH PvP server. We are only looking to recruit serious mature gamers, who want to band together and rid the lands of WoW from Horde tyrany.

Those who do join however will not regret thier choice as we already have an amazing guild community already established.

Our site already has great information in the Forums and a 100+ screenshot archive, as well as some extremly detailed Game Guides containing current WoW beta information. I have faith the site can speak for itself.

Again if you are a serious gamer interested in a guild that looks for quality members in order to establish a great guild community for game release, please read the following rules of conduct below and submit your application at the URL listed above.

These Items are taken from the guild Code of Honor. (Constitution)

Item IV: Provisions for Membership Consideration
To be considered for membership in the Praetorian Guards, prospective members must:

* Plan on playing World of Warcraft™ regularly.
* Follow the commands of Leadership.
* Obey the Praetorian Guards’ Constitution.
* Login into the site and check the news often.
Use their Praetorian Guards’ name as their World of Warcraft™ name.

Item V: Joining Procedures
The joining procedures are as followed:

* Applicant must be invited by someone who is ranked Proletarian or higher (except during times of open-guild registration).
* Applicant must create a guild account name that they will use in World of Warcraft™.
* A Recruit Arbiter will review the application within 24 hours of submission.
* If accepted, the applicant will obtain the rank of Peregrine (recruit status).
* A Peregrine will be watched closely by leaders to determine if he or she is Praetorian Guard material. If the Peregrine is, he or she will be promoted to Plebeian. If not, they will be removed from the guild.

Item VI: Membership Conduct Provisions
At all times, members must:

* Treat everybody with respect.
* Not negatively judge someone based on their skill level, personal preferences or opinions.
* Not use offensive obscenities.
* Not use hacks or cheats in World of Warcraft™ in any way.
* Respect other guilds' independence and must not get into internal/external affairs of other clans without approval of Senate members.

Members shall not use the IRC chat room or Message Boards (including LoAG forums) to:

* Spread any unlawful, abusive, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or racist material.
* Give links to any sexually explicit images.
* Spam chat/board users with, but not limited to, scams, money schemes, or chain letters.
* Give links to harmful material, which includes, but is not limited to viruses, spyware, or trojan horses.

Failure to abide by this Code will result in disciplinary procedures or removal from the guild.




  • jubbincakejubbincake Member Posts: 134
    sad.. is all  can say. Why do you have 109+ members before release..sad, it wont work very well. Huge guilds arent fun at all, they take away from the community for everyone else.

  • PG_RookzPG_Rookz Member Posts: 3

    Well if you must know this guild has been forming for around 8 months now, and only 62 members are actually full members, 48 are in the guild's trial period where players prove thier dedication to the guild before being accepted as a full member.

    Secondly, our whole guild is split into cohorts so each cohort leader can manage a team of 10 - 15 members. So essentially we have around 6 smaller guilds all working together.

    I have been in many guilds and played many MMORPG's and I don't see anything "sad" about 62 people staying together in a community "without" even the game to play. Now if that isn't guild dedication I don't see what is.



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