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Exotic Dancers Club is looking for members!

UbiNaxUbiNax Member Posts: 99

In the annals of 2005, the Exotic Dancers Club was founded with the intention to obtain good fights and make a profit. In an age of fleet blobbage, node crashes, and system lockouts, we maintain our goal of small fleet engagements at a fast pace. Most of us are getting on in the years IRL, so the spouses and kids come first. It’s a game afterall and we are here to I mean have fun. All that being said, we do have some stringent requirements.

What we are looking for

• Skilled PVP players with at least 25 mil skill points. However, we can negotiate about the skill points if a player is specialized in a single race.

• Mature behavior. This means we are not looking for smacktalkers or other idiots. We treat each other with respect, even our victims.

• We seek players that like to participate in different kinds of operations, like pos killing, roams, gate camps and so forth.

• Players that are not afraid of fighting outnumbered battles, in either lowsec or 0.0 space.

• You must be self sufficient. There are no corp sponsored money making ops. We kill stuff. When it make a profit all the better, but you can't count on it as a money stream

• We are mostly Europe and US East Coast players.

• People that don’t mind getting their security status ruined. (it will go to -10)

What we offer

• A good bunch of experienced players that work together as a team. We have a few friends we also fly with from other corporations but for the most part it’s a tight nit group.

• You will get your share of all the isk we collect during PVP operations, depending on your activity. This will be paid out on regular basis.

• We are a democratic corporation. Every opinion in our corporation counts and will be taken seriously. We welcome new ideas and new perspective on our views.

• Capital fun. We don’t hold back with using capital ships. No need keeping them docked and collecting dust.

• Experienced fleet commanders and solid leadership.

Join our “ ahoy rc ” chat channel. Voice interview and skill verification are mandatory. If you cannot supply one or the other then move on.

See you in space.

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