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Hardcore message forum

Clever_GloveClever_Glove Member Posts: 996

When I started visting this site about a year ago, I could argue the finer points of MMORPG theory with Misty, Koltrane and others. Now due to the rapid growth of this site, it's nearly impossible,  anything that doesn't have "Tell me what game should I play", "Game1 vs Game2" or "All PvPer should be killed" It's blown off the page one faster J-Lo marriage.

perhaps there should be a "hardcore" members only forum? One in witch you need a score better than 75 to post or something?

Just a thought, Keep up the good work.

"We're a game that's focused on grouping and on solo play, you know, more group oriented, more solo play..."
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Bartle: A: 93% E: 55% S:3% K: 50% The Test. Learn what it means here.


  • AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,623

    Nice idea Mr. Glove.  I will add this to my list.  Kind like a "good old boys" (and girls) club image

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    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

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  • MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

    I like that Idea,
    makes a lot of sense, and I too rember the good discussions that have been had.

    after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...

  • RegusRegus Member Posts: 489
    I like the idea too but i have rating 60 now or something like that because i didn't posted in a few weeks for two reasons: not to good topics and was not home, and my rating went down real fast.

    One day all will die, surely you but never I.

    "One day all will die, surely you but never I." Wheel of Time

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