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MMO w/ shield wielding class

nonesuch2nonesuch2 Member Posts: 8


           I used to play WoW but I quit because it was too addicting. I've tried games like EQ, Lineage 2, etc. a while ago, but never really got into them. Reason why I am looking for a tank, or warrior shield like class in a mmo is because its  the only class I haven't played in a mmorpg so far, not even sure I would play one however.

    I don't mind a grind much anymore, but quests is a +. Pk/PvP is a huge plus and good crafting is always nice. I'm looking for a game with competition, but not ego stroking mindless gear/level increasing that never caps out. Also prefer a game with no expansions or atleast expansions that don't increase level caps all the time that takes forever. A game that is casual friendly, but has stuff to do for semi-hardcore is nice too.

    Also it would be nice if the in-game armor/equipment looks decent respectively for each class. PLEASE NO ANIME STYLE /PWETTY GRAPHIC GAMES, unless they have dwarves, orcs, or non-anime humans as a race choice.

    Graphics really don't matter much as long as the game's controls are decently FLUID, which means mostly WASD or maybe very good mouse controls, with hopefully decent action/casting emotes.

Thanks a bunch to anyone who can help hope i'm not too picky...


  • nonesuch2nonesuch2 Member Posts: 8


  • Wharg0ulWharg0ul Member Posts: 4,183

    other than the PvP being restricted to PvMP , it sounds like you want to play a Guardian in LoTRO. Not only will you WIELD your shield, you will live by it.

    I played a guardian for quite a while, and smashing an opponant in the face with my shield hard enough to send them reeling was quite satisfying.

    Unfortunately, there's not much call for Guardians in PvMP at the moment, although that may change in the future.

    And in case you don't know...PvMP is Player vs Monster Play, where one side is your average player, and the other side is players playing monsters. Both sides can be quite fun, and it takes the endless nerfing and balancing of classes out of the picture (for the most part).


  • Shifty360Shifty360 Member Posts: 629

    I agree, LoTRO Guardian is the place you need to be if you like shields.

  • Mud_MonsterMud_Monster Member UncommonPosts: 229

    I'd have to recommend LOTRO Guardian as well.

    Hellgate's Guardian is kinda fun too bashing monsters with your shield, but overall, I wouldn't recommend that game.



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