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No "Levels"?

aitiynaitiyn Member Posts: 1

Are there any games left out there that are like pre cu SWG where there weren't "levels"? just individual skills that you could level up? mix and match and such? thats prolly the one thing i miss most about that game.

I know Anarchy Online is some what similiar but I just couldnt get into that one, and I know Eve also has that skill based but I just dont have the paitence anymore to invest that much time into a game like eve, not that Im not willing to put time in but eve is excessive to me =)

Any other suggestions would be awesome, i realize im asking alot I dont think there are many skill branch games left out there now are there?


  • icedutahicedutah Member UncommonPosts: 67

    Guild Wars.  Well it does have you level to 20 but that only takes a day or so to do and it's more of a learning time.

    The rest is you gaining skills to improve your character.


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