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Millions of players



  • graillgraill Member Posts: 257

    not millions, they never had a million >PAID< subs let alone millions. just like their fubarred press release last year stating they had 14 million active characters, then changing it to millions of players, then changing it yet again to "a substantial paying player base"  tells everyone what  spin adjustments they use to gain subs. as long as they correct something the first time its printed they get in very little trouble. and with some folks simply flocking to games because they "seem" popular because of released numbers(hence the lying on turbines part with sub numbers) many find this a passable business strategy.

    that and the turbine devs act like arrogant bullies. (lol, i have a much better term but it's to controversial)

    i cant wait for the first lawsuits to role on in from lawyers stating so and so ruined my clients game because of their comments.


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  • YeeboYeebo Member Posts: 1,359

    LoTRO is a great game.  It does have plenty of players for the number of servers it has.  But it's never had a million active players, let alone paying/ paid accounts.  That advertisement was at best misleading.  The press release that some refer to was utterly asinine.  We (mostly) agree on that.

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  • WSIMikeWSIMike Member Posts: 5,564

    Originally posted by Lukain

    Originally posted by lionexx

    They don't have Millions of players more like 250-650k. How can they be second most pop. game when WoW is?
    how can they be the second when WoW is second? at 8.5mil+ L2 at 14+mil?


    14 Million ? really , so with the 9 US servers that would mean that asia would have to have  150+ servers thats impressive ..

    L2's popularity in Korea and such pretty much eclipses it here in the West.


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