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Rappelz or RF Online?

parano1aparano1a Member Posts: 14

I'm looking for an MMO to hold me over until Age of Conan comes out.

Which is better Rappelz or RF Online?


  • ZikielZikiel Member Posts: 1,138

    Rf Online. Rappelz is fun, but it has inordinate amounts of lag for a game of it's type. Rf is of a much higher quality. Although.. they're both such immense grinders, you could play from now until Conan and not finish I don't doubt.

  • xephonicsxephonics Member CommonPosts: 672

    out of those 2 id pick rappelz


    but for a better choice id go Perfect World ( www.perfectworld.com.my ) -- only posted it cus it is f2p as well

    My god has horns.... nah, I don't think he is real either.

  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

    My list of better to worse:

    1. Shaiya
    2. Rappelz & Perfect World
    3. RF Online

  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486

    Haven't played RF Online but Rappelz featured quite little grinding (at least in the beginning) considering it's a f2p. Decent graphics too.



  • CorthagathCorthagath Member Posts: 291


    i have played RF Online and i can tell you that you will be grinding your ass off like no tomorrow


    im quite sure you should be better off from RFO, stupid quest, terrible character customization, you have to grind for the money, grind for your stats, grind your skills and spells, grind your levels and you will most likely be assaulted like 50 times in a day while you try to make all those things i have mentioned before. everyone is already in the end-game state, which doesnt have any content whatsoever.. but hey; you wont get content out of level 1-50 anyways other than grind...   and since i have mentioned that everyone is like lvl 50 already they will one shot you even if you got to level 45 in a day. grinding stats is pain in the ass and bonuses for getting stats up are terrible.. one level and you might get, what ? maybe 3 more dmg to monsters.. christ..

  • FiberCodeFiberCode Member Posts: 50

    Out of the 2 choices, i would say RF online. Rappelz is ok, but the ingame community really blows. (no offence) I spent most of my time going....WTF, why wont anyone speak. Why wont anyone answer a noob question without being mean about it. Never played RF, but anything would be better than Rappelz.

    To be honest, i would say try Shaiya...its been good to me so far. :)


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