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Let's play a Text Based game on here.

From the mind. Don't try to be cheap. Just try to play fair and be more or less in the game. Let's begin.

Races - Human (M/F) Orc (M/F) Elf (M/F) Dwarf (M/F) Gnome (M/F)

Classes Barbarian, Knight, Fighter, Monk, Cleric, Rogue, Sorcerer, Ranger

Begining Health and Mana - BAR - 20HP and 7 MP KNI - 25 HP and 3 MP FIT - 15 HP and 10 MP MNK 10 HP and 15 MP CLR - 5 HP and 25 MP ROG - 10HP and 10MP SOR - 5 HP and 25 MP RNG - 15 HP and 5 MP

Begining Armor - Cloth Garbs (Top and Bottom)

Begining Weapons - BAR - Sheild and Axe KNI - 2-H Axe FIT - 2 Scimitars MNK - Steel Knuckles CLR - Wooden Staff ROG - 1 Dagger and 15 Shurikens SOR - Wooden Rod and Buckler RNG - Short Bow and 500 Arrows            All characters start out with        0 Gold 50 Silver and 25 Copper         100 Copper = 1 Silver and 500 Silver = 1 Gold     No limit on how much gold you can handle.

Begining weight - BAR, KNI, and FIT can hold 150 LBS MNK CLR and SOR can hold only 50 LBS and ROG/RNG can hold 100 LBS           Armor for BAR, KNI, and FIT weighs 5LBS each and weapons weigh 2LBS each. MNK CLR and SOR armor is 3lbs each (Robes/Light Weight Cloth) and weapons are 1LBS each, and finally ROG armor is 2LBS each and weapons are 0.5 LBS each (ROG = Rogue = Ninja = Light Weight and made for sneak attacks which means daggers and shurikens) and RNG armor is 4LBS each and weapons are 1LBS each and Arrows are weightless.

Begining Pots - 5 HP Pots and 5 Mana Pots.

You start out in a town full of cheery people and everyone is enjoying them selves in conversations and drinking games. You see something odd out in the woods, you go to check it out. You find a pack of evil wolves and they being to attack you.

You have 3 wolves on the left side facing you and you have yourself facing the wolves.

(This is the part where you have already picked your class and your equipment is already equipped).

I don't have anymore time tonight it's 12:30AM and I had a long day today. Going to bed. Will edit this tomorrow and PLEASE PEOPLE try to be realistic about this. Use a random dice generator of 1d2 - 12d4

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