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suggestion please?

blutengel666blutengel666 Member Posts: 4

allright , i have been playing mmorpg for a while now and i just cant seem to find one that catches my attention, like runescape has been by far the best game iv playd so far, i love the idea of fishing, hunting, mining, and so forth and i have never found a game like it, infact iv even gotten to the point where i tryd to make my own game, i downloaded 3 different game makers to help me and i gave up with in 5 minutes... mainly casue i have no idea what im doing, ANY who, if any one has a game that is rpg/mmorpg, that is sort of along the lines of runescape or one thats you think is just fun please tell me

the games i have tryd are

-maplestory ( lvl 52 mage, 22 rouge, 10 knight)

-runescape (lvl 96 total lvl 1638)

-rappelz (lvl 21 dark magician)

- rpg battle (lvl 47 , still playing it though)

-battleon (lvl 70 )

-last chaos (lvl 27 )

-dragon fable (20+)

-tibia (lvl 15)

i posted what iv playd and what lvl so you know what iv playd and roughly how long, also i dident add all the text based rpg i playd to , atleast 10 of them not kidding... only rpgbattle was one i really like, any who yeah if you got ANY game to try that you might think i can last more then those other games please , any suggestions, cept im not really looking to play WOW , only casu eiv heard things about it....


  • CresilDamasCresilDamas Member Posts: 28

    Honestly, Runescape? I quit after level 40. Community, Graphics, and Gameplay sucks badly. But anyways, Try FlyFF, Scions of Fate, Dream of Mirror Online, or Lunia Online. That'll entertain you for a while I bet ya. =P

  • xxthecorexxxxthecorexx Member Posts: 1,078

    ultima online ?


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