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Checked out the trial..



  • OrthedosOrthedos Member Posts: 1,771

    Originally posted by Liquidvison

    Originally posted by CanesFan311

    Like I had mentioned in another post that I was interested in..
    I wasn't really into it. I probably played for about 45 minutes and it just wasn't catching on to me at all. The gameplay isn't what I was hoping it would be, the graphics didn't look as good as from what I had heard, and so forth. I've still got like 5 days left on it, so I might give it another shot, but it just doesn't appear like it's the one for me.

    i wish i would of tried the trial on this game first lol but didnt, now i got a lotr box that collects dust casue it wasnt worth the cash

    I think Turbine offered pre-ordering for $5 or so.  With pre-ordering, you got to play for weeks in open beta before launch.  You can buy the retail and upgrade to a founder's account with some privileges, or just give up and lose $5.

    That is one of the best "almost free" trial.  During open beta, the game is almost complete and fully polished.

  • JagerMichaelJagerMichael Member Posts: 181

    Anyone that played the game for only 45 minutes is really missing out. That likely means you didn't even make it out of the tutorial levels which are all fairly slow going. And even if you did make it out, you were without a doubt still in the beginner area of whatever class you selected.

    I had played the beta a bit and lost interest because I didn't give it enough time. I really wish I had because I would have done a founders account and would likely have been playing this whole time rather than just starting up a few weeks ago.

    It was around level 10 or 11 I think that the game really started to shine for me personally. The loot drops started getting better, the PvE got more interesting and the quests themselves are more enveloping. As people have said, this game is really about the journey, the lore and the community itself.

    Not for everyone, but if that's up your ally this game is without a doubt for you. Not to mention the support its received from Turbine is like nothing I've seen. Maybe its because they released a game that wasn't overly buggy and didn't feel like a beta version so they didn't have to focus on fixing everything before adding new things. All I know is that they keep working on things and it seems to be things the community wants to see done.

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