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UXO Fight Night - Farewell Event!


All good things must come to an end… and what better way to end than to blow each other up! :p

To honor UXO, the Community, and out amazing Devs, I would like to hold one last UXO Fight Night!

I would like to personally invite every member within the UXO community as well as all the Dev’s both old and new to drop by this Saturday for what I hope will be the best FightNight yet.

As always we will be starting at 3pm PST

Please feel free to invite whom ever you would like.

To play you will need to download and install the new UT2004 patch:

Also please make sure your updated with all the UXO FightNight maps:
See the download section at

Thank you all for supporting UXO and UXO FightNight over the past months. It will be sad to see both leave us. After this weekend the UXOFightNight server will go down forever :(

Keep an eye out sometime this month for EQ2 FightNight.

Good Luck, and Happy Fraging!

Server Info:
Password: origin



  • Amd64_FX_53Amd64_FX_53 Member Posts: 421

    intel sucks even with their 3.6

    Imperium Acranum rapped me

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