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nightwing70nightwing70 Member Posts: 142

im looking for a free mmorpg that is fun and actually has a story and good questing to it, no kil 5 fox thing

Im looking for somthing like the runescape quests, there fun and cool (even though the game died)

 Im not saying grinding is bad im just saying too much grinding is BAD, i know mmorpgs need grinding and im ok with that but too much or if grinding is the only point of the game is not what i play for


  • HotAznBoy90xHotAznBoy90x Member Posts: 45

    Yes indeed the runescape quests pwn. And there is always grind in a game. ALWAYS. Even runescape. If you truly hate grinding,quit MMOS now. And I recommend Perfect World or Shaiya online. Maple story is quite good. Those are the only good F2P games IMO. SilkRoad is good but the quests suck. kill 6000 chakjis? Wtf?In silk road,all the quests are "Kill this____ talk to him_____ "quests. And they make you kill a HIGH amount. dozens at low levels hundreds at mid. Thousands at high.The good games with good quests with good storylines with good gameplay are only P2P. I recommend world of warcraft or guild wars. Good day.


    If you're looking for story line I STRONGLY. I repeat STRONGLY, and I repeat again STRONGLY(Emphasis on STRONGLY) STRONGLY suggest you buy guild wars.

  • Shoko_LiedShoko_Lied Member UncommonPosts: 2,193

    MMO's without a grind too make a high lvl seem prestigious is what MMO's are all about, N really nice items, QUIT MMOS AND NEVER COME BACK, if your looking for something w/ 0 grind.

  • RandomtasticRandomtastic Member Posts: 21

    Trust me, those "Kill X amount of X" quests help. They designed to level you up, which is why they give pretty crap experience for completing them. If you want a game with RuneScape-like quests, then go play RuneScape. You most likely not find a game like RS, especially in skills and quests.

    And if you don't want griding - STAY AWAY FROM ANY ASIAN GAME. IF IT LOOKS ASIAN, IT PROBABLY IS. A good example - AeriaGames.com. And surprisingly, I don't think they're a Asian developer. They just make really really grinding games. I don't mind some of them (12Sky and Shaiya) but others like Last Chaos just suck TBH.

    Also, if you want a good game, you may have to shell out some cash. Paid ones shall always be better than free ones. Another game I also liked was Dungeon Runners. But it's graphics are pretty shit and it's a major grindfest. It's hella funny though, lol.

    I would recommend Shaiya myself, as not all of it's quests are involved around hunting. Most I've done have been delivery quests, which is fine with me, as it's change from killing constantly. As for Perfect World? It has pretty clean graphics but it starts really slow, that's just my opinion though.


  • nightwing70nightwing70 Member Posts: 142

    im ok with grinding but not mmos that are mostly just grind for fun


    i downloaded perfect world but since starting it doesn't have the feel that runescape had, ill try shiaya, and i've been interested in guild wars so maybe.

    I wish there were a game that has runescape's quest/storyline system


  • parano1aparano1a Member Posts: 14

    If you haven't played Guild Wars yet then go ahead and try it. It's got great PvP and the storyline to all the games and expansions are amazing. I've just beat them all and have all my characters maxed out so now I am kinda bored. I'm not a huge PvPer now that my guild fell apart. Guild Wars is absolutely amazing for a F2P game.

  • laglotuslaglotus Member Posts: 43

    Try Guild Wars. Very little grinding, atleast in the expansions and it's f2p.

    It has good storyline too.

    Also the game is not item based almost at all so after lvl20 you can start to enjoy the pvp aspect of the game right away.



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