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You Havin' a Laugh?

ShadoedShadoed Member UncommonPosts: 1,459

Juat been surfing around and found a few WoW jokes, these are my two favourites;

"You know your addicted to WoW when your girlfriends pants have a low drop rate!"


A human, a dwarf and a gnome all die and are in the graveyard. All being too lazy to run to their corpses, they each decide to hit up the spirit for a rez. The spirit tells them, "You must each tell me how you died, so that I can decide on how long you must stay a ghost. Human, you first."

So the human says, "Ok, imagine this. I know my wife is cheating on me, but I don't have any proof, so I decide to come home from questing early one day to catch her in the act. I walk up to our room at the inn and see steam coming from the bath room, but she is fully clothed and dry on the bed. So I go into the steamy bath room and see a tub full of hot water. I look out the window and sure enough there is this guy--" he jerks his thumb at the dwarf "--hanging on to the window ledge. I stomped on his fingers and he fell, but the gods must have loved him because he landed in the bushes and lived. So I drage the tub over, tip it out the window and it lands on him and kills him. Unfortunately, I lost my balance and fell as well, and died."

The spirit smirks and looks at the dwarf. "Your turn."

The Dwarf says, "Ok, imagine this. I'm on the balcony of my inn room trying to get in some weapon practice with my new plus nineteen stamina axe. Well, one swing goes wild, throws me off balance and I fall off the balcony. I managed to catch myself on a window sill when this idiot--" he jerks his thumb at the human "--stomps on my fingers. I let go, but the gods must have loved me because I landed in the bushes and lived. Then idiot here tosses a tub full of water out the window and kills me."

The spirit chuckles and looks at the gnome. "And what happened to you?"

The gnome says, "Ok, imagine this. I'm naked and hiding in a tub full of water..."

Anyone else got any good WoW jokes???

It must be Thursday, i never could get the hang of Thursdays.


  • SacfedSacfed Member UncommonPosts: 210

    Naked in a tub of water!




     Love you long time!
  • Pappy13Pappy13 Member Posts: 2,138

    Those are excellent.  I love the new spin on an old joke for the second one.  Priceless.  Wish I did have more...I'm gonna go look now :)

    If any of you haven't seen the Pure Pwnage (yes that's spelled right) videos, you owe it to yourself to watch them.  Especially Episode 6 and 7 of season 1.




  • arctarusarctarus Member UncommonPosts: 2,581

    From 1 of my friend. You know you have spend too much time on WoW when , being introduce to a new friend, you look above his head for his name...

    RIP Orc Choppa

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