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I gotta to say something

smilysmily Member Posts: 12

I have seen many bad praisal of Elf Online, not only Elf Onine but also other games, it often has many different views from different players, as a mmo fans, don't dispute for one game even if it is good or bad, if you don't like it, you needn't leave some bad praisal just go ahead for the game you like. Ok? the manner of bad praisal for one game is stupid .

Have a relaxing time



  • cosmocowcosmocow Member Posts: 28

     well spoken!!

  • FeldronFeldron Member UncommonPosts: 337


    how is a dev or anyone going to fix some thing that their customers are having problems with

    if every time one of their customers tryes to says that got a problem and here is why, and the game company tells them to shut up and get lost

    Basically you will fine alot of players who say here is the problems i have with the game not because they hate the game but rather they want to see it fixed or improved

    your view that people should not post negative reviews or list the cons with the pros is not how your objectively look at any thing

    No game is perfect instead you would do better to make a pro and cons list your self and and then point out why you think the pros out wiegh the cons if that is what you think

  • tacarozachtacarozach Member Posts: 6

    well said

    first post was childish and immature.

    no feedback= no improvements plain and simple


  • harshskaterharshskater Member Posts: 61

    agreed Feldron,

          if noone posted the problems w/ the games. then how are the GMs  who count on their active gamer's true oppinions going to kno about wut in their game needs to b fixed or changed or the issues the game has. and wut if u came to this website like most ppl do to try and find a new game to play, if every game had only good ratings on it even the bad horrible games would b looked at as great and a complete waste for the people going to try them.

    this is just 1 example of why everyone using these forums should pute their honest ratings on these games

  • tikboitikboi Member Posts: 243

    there's gotta be several bad impressions huh?

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