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Just resubscribed, trying to find a friendly server and kinship

shinjoraishinjorai Member UncommonPosts: 32

Well after some anguishing over the decision for a few days, been sitting here staring at and various other review sites of a bunch of different games, most of which ive played in the past at least briefly so i kinda know what to expect. I couldnt decide on a game, kept browsing through online videos at youtube etc and strangely enough the one that made me decide on LOTRO was a video of a guy playing dust in the wind on a lute haha. I know that sounds wierd but id forgot about that lil bit in the game and thought maybe there was a lot more i missed last time i was there. See I had already purchased LOTRO when it first came out so i knew what it was like basically. I didnt get to play it much when i first got it so i only know about the starting areas really. But i got the basics of it down.

Anyways on to the point of this post. I normally solo alot in mmorpgs and i know im missing out on the point of them being multiplayer by doing all the soloing so i figured this time id give the actual multiplayer part of it a shot and try asking on these forums to see if i could find a good guild (kniships i think theyre called in LOTRO?) thats newb friendly and willing to help me learn the game as i go.

  I dont know where the servers are located but id prefer playing on one thats on the EAST coast in the US as thats where im located. I read somewhere i think theyre all located there anyways. 

So if anybodys willing, tell me a little about your server and kinship (or whatever a guild is called in LOTRO)and what i can expect if i make a character there.  Also if anybody knows any good LOTRO related sites i might find handy to have bookmarked id appreciate those too.


thanks very much ahead of time   and hope to hear from yall soon.



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