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LOTRO 7 Day Trial

Does anyone know where I can get a product key for the free 7 day trial? When I dled the game (which took hours btw) it never told me I would need a product key and that someone else would have to give me a code. Where can I get one?


  • JagerMichaelJagerMichael Member Posts: 181

    For the 7 Day Free Trial you don't need a product key. That's just there for when/if you upgrade to a full account so you don't lose any characters you make during the trial.

  • NerdBomberNerdBomber Member Posts: 5

    The game is asking for a log in, and I can't make a log in without a Product key...

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,938

  • NerdBomberNerdBomber Member Posts: 5

    Thanks guys I got it. It was in the bottom right hand corner of the screen...

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