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Zu Online: New Year's Events

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

IGG has announced that they will be holding a number of events and promotions in Zu Online, to celebrate the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008.

Dear players,

As New Year is approaching, we will be holding a series of special events. We have prepared lots of gifts for you in Zu Online. You can obtain a mysterious gift by helping Zilong: Saint. Additionally, you can buy a gift pack in a low price in the Item Mall.

1.Robbers’ attack

Time: Jan 1st, 2008 -- Jan 10th,2008

Content: A group of robbers have plundered the Earth God’s treasures. During the activity period, 10 robbers, with their leader, will turn up in the city from 8:00 pm EST(GMT-5)every day. The system will also notify you. Players will be rewarded for defeating the robbers and recapturing the Earth God's Treasure Sack and the Earth God's Universe Sack.

2.New Year Gift

Time: Jan 1st, 2008 -- Jan 10th, 2008

Content: Players who have reached level 30 can receive a New Year gift box from Zilong: Saint in Holy City or Desert City. Right click the gift box to initiate a quest, complete it and you will be rewarded. Once a day only!

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